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Bailey's vision to improve children's education through direct, personal contact with the natural world has never been more relevant to our society than today, and the Liberty Hyde Bailey Museum has never been so active in promoting those ideals in our communities than now.

This day camp, Bailey's Budding Naturalists is designed for children ages 5-12. The children will experience the many wonders of nature through hands-on projects and activities. Some of the subjects the children will study are the life cycle of seeds, origins of food, plant growth, nature –inspired art, and Liberty Hyde Bailey, Jr.

Working with the South Haven Public Schools, Bailey's Budding Naturalists brings its programs to the summer At-Risk and Migrant students.  During the school year, children in the third grades at the public and private schools and those home-schooled are invited to the Museum for a March field trip.  They tour the Museum and learn about Liberty Hyde Bailey, they participate in an activity, and of course have a snack. 


Learn about Liberty Hyde Bailey and his legacy through thinkers and innovators 

For over 80 years, the Liberty Hyde Bailey Museum & Gardens has existed in the childhood home of Liberty Hyde Bailey, Jr. to educate others about Dr. Bailey, his life, his work, his philosophy, and his legacy. The Bailey Fall Conference focus is to celebrate Bailey's life, work, philosophy and legacy.

The foundational work created by Bailey in the late 19th and early 20th century has evolved into a vibrant focus of action today. From agriculture to art, horticulture to native plants, and soil-plant science to nature study, Bailey's vocation and avocation resonate in how we interact with the planet. Bailey's vision for the 21st century is the focus of our conference speakers.


The Liberty Hyde Bailey Nature Trail features a short nature trail winding through a stand of woods on the east side of the property. This woods was a part of the original property owned by the Bailey's and is part of the museum's acre and a half campus today.


A short trail with several loops, this is one of the only places in the City of South Haven to get away from streets and buildings and reimagine what South Haven looked like during the frontier days when the Baileys farmed this land and when young Liberty Hyde Bailey, Jr. walked the same ground and explored the woods, collecting plants and beginning a life of wonder and discovery.


The Backwoods Sanctuary combines art and nature to create a space that offers a meditative and healing experience. It’s a place for family, friends, patients and employees of the hospital next door and anyone else who enjoys a contemplative place to stroll.

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